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Cardinal Mistakes to Avoid When Going to Strip Clubs

Fortitude Valley is one of the best places to be in Brisbane if you want to experience adult entertainment for an occasion. Whether you are celebrating your mate’s birthday or just going for a night out with the rest of the gang, it’s the place that can offer you the hottest strippers and lap dancers to make your night unforgettable. However, how you enjoy the experience would still depend on how you understand and observe the rules and etiquette of going to strip clubs Fortitude Valley has. There are mistakes that you should avoid. With that said, you should not:

  • Fail to Know the Club Rules

Do not forget to do some research on the rules of the clubs you are visiting, especially if you are new to these places. After all, knowing such rules will save you the confusion and possible awkwardness due to lack of knowledge of what to do inside these establishments.

  • Use Your Credit Card

Make no mistake—it is very easy to get carried away and spend all your money in these clubs. So, if you do not want to wake up the next morning and find your bank account enormously dented, just bring with you cash to spend for the night. This way, you can limit your expenses.

  • Ignore to Tip the Stage

Stage tipping is a norm in strip clubs Fortitude Valley has. Whether you make it rain or approach the stage only a few times, tipping the strippers will guarantee you and your gang a steady flow of girls visiting your table. Sure enough, they appreciate such a gesture and see it as an indication that you are engaged with what they are doing.

  • Bring Your Girl If She Does Not Like Strip Clubs

If you do not want your girl, who is not into strip clubs, to be the saddest person during the night, then do not bring her with you. Only bring her if she has been to these places in the past or if she suggests it.

  • Get Too Wasted

Getting drunk and letting loose is fun only if it is done right. However, getting too wasted can turn your night into a disaster, so limit your drinking at a certain point. People at the club do not want you vomiting in front of them, and acting like a muggins because you are too wasted to book yourself a trip to the can.  

  • Prepay for Sex  

Keep in mind that strip clubs are not brothels, and prostitution is illegal in the region. Therefore, do not expect to be offered sex at these places.

By avoiding these common mistakes when going to strip clubs Fortitude Valley has, you can improve your odds of having a good time with the hottest strippers in the region and leaving with your bank account intact. You can maximise your enjoyment and ensure a strip club experience that you will not forget!

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